Re: GAMES: Historical truths [was Re: The games are all crap...]

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 20:12:35 MDT wrote:
> > > A PC version of the old EMPIRE game can be freely downloaded from:-
> > >
> > >
> >
> > What I have extracted from the pointers there is enough to convince
> > me that the PC version is not the "original" Empire game. It may
> > be a knock-off or an alternately evolved variant.
> This is indeed a different game, written by Walter Bright, who was a
> year behind me in college and roomed across the hall from me. Walter
> wrote the original version of his Empire in Fortran back in 1977 or so.
> Later he co-authored a version for the PC which appeared in the late 80s.
> But it is not the same Empire game that people have been talking about.
> Walter went on to achieve considerable success as the sole author of
> Zortech C/C++, a popular development system in the 1980s which was
> eventually purchased by Symantec.

Well Geez Hal, get on the horn and see if ol' Walter has the original
functioning anywhere or available... times a'wastin'... Please? ;)


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