Re: CRYO: Illegality of Cryonics in British Columbia

Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 16:45:15 MDT

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> HA! Expect more as the next two decades roll on.
> With whatever respect is due, people who believe in cryonics believe in a
> very very long shot.
> You think your freezers will survive a World War and rationing??...
> comandeer your electrical generators! WAR IS NOT ABOUT IMMORTALITY
> is about the expendability of human life!! The antithesis of
> extropianism - War is entropy at its finest, even!

Adding my voice to what's already been said, I must comment that, although it
might be "fun" in a perverse way to imagine that the current fabric of
civilization will be trashed in some apocalyptic failure of "the system", I
find such ideas unconvincing. Especially in the more free parts of the
developed world, our civilization seems in fact to be quite robust. Sure, we
might well expect disruptions and dislocations from advancing technology --
and truly revolutionary technologies may well cause fundamental changes --
but the fabric of society is so densely woven that it's HARD to really tear

> I think LE people should pool financial resources and get the research
> NOW... more money ...more progress... surely LE folks worldwide could raise
> $20 million (...maybe Robert Bradbury could advise on the best way such
> money could be "invested" into hard LE research...). The payoffs are after
> all the only real wealth... CONTINUED EXISTENCE.

I'm seeing more and more signs that SOMETHING along these lines will happen
in the relatively near future.

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