Re: The games are all crap; let's make a decent one.

From: Jeff Davis (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 00:09:10 MDT


Name of the game is Effing Quale. (Well, maybe not, but I love the phrase.)

Awaken to >H. Then LE, then cryo, then bio, then upgrades, then self rep,
then ai, then off planet locally, then nano, then augmentation, then si,
then uploads, then off to deep space in search of the wherewithal to

Find transhumanism. Find your fellow transhumanists. Forge the bond.
Work to develop the tech. Race against time to get it before you die,
and/or work on a scheme to get to the future (cryo) while preserving your
competitive resources (your surviving transhumanist pals may be of
assistance here, so you socially challenged,
I-want-the-Jupiter-brain-all-to-myself-geek-boys might just want to
consider working on your geniality a tad) . Fight the luddites for your
right to the tech. Fight the govt for your right to freedom. Fight the
ruthless and mighty corporate competitors (or join them is that feels like
a winning strategy) for your place in the race. Dodge/survive biowar,
nanowar, old paradigm revanchists, rogue ai/si, ill-chosen strategies of
self-enhancement, and finally, the siren perils of the galactic vastness.

In an ordinary game when you lose, you--the game character-- very often
die. Then you --the game player--go to a saved version of the game--if you
were mindful to make one--and resume play. In this game, the same
functionality would be required of course, but your "return" to the game
could be "explained" as the consequence of having >H "life insurance--saved
backups of yourself. If the game consists partly in learning what a
transhuman is, how to think like one, and how to act like one, then early
on in the game you discover there is no "save game" functionality. In its
place you must learn to equip yourself with a synaptic inventory-and-state
recorder /transmitter--a >H "flight data recorder"(>Hfdr)--which records
and broadcasts updates of your vital identity data to a remote secure data
haven. In the event of lethal misadventure that you see coming, there's a
final burst transmission which gives you, upon "reboot" into your
reinstantiated self, a high definition replay--complete with optional
true-fidelity physical discomfort metric--of your most recent terminal
screw-up. If on the other hand, you get terminated so abruptly that the
data record is truncated, then you might have to make do with your most
recent data update. If it were particularly important to your future
success that you have a detailed record, then you might upgrade yourself
with a whoopass robust >Hfdr, go back to the scene of your last
deanimation, and sift through the debris for your last "flight data
recorder". Or, you could just send a remote. Naaah. You got backups, use
'em. Toss another shrimp on the barby, *be* the shrimp. Onward!

at your would be polled for the "most recent data"

                        Best, Jeff Davis

           "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                        Ray Charles

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