Re: No AI for Nano/No Nano for copyloads

From: Emlyn (onetel) (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 21:21:12 MDT

> Emlyn wrote:
> > > I wonder if you or Emlyn could explain why you want lots of copies.
> >
> >I don't necessarily want lots of copies. What am interested in is
> >continuing. If there is this effect of first-uploaded-best-dressed, it
> >could mean
> >substantia difficulty for those not in the first wave; maybe even being
> >the mercy of the first wave deciding who gets uploaded and who is worm

Robin wrote:
> Well if this is your goal, declaring you are willing to be uploaded at a
> 10% chance of success is clearly the wrong strategy. If they take you up
> your offer, your strategy results in a 90% chance of dying completely
> Instead you should just get rich and wait. If you have a lot of money
> you are revived, and you wait until uploading tech gets reliable, you
> be one of the first uploads of which there are billions or trillions of
> but you would be able to afford to create one or a few uploads of yourself
> that are rich enough they don't need to work. Being willing to accept a
> higher probability of revival failure is the strategy for people who care
> lot just how many copies of them there are.

This is probably where there's a conflict with singularity/no singularity
scenarios. I see mega-copied uploads as a recipe for singularity, esp. if
you've uploaded people savvy about their upload environment (admittedly this
is not likely for a cryonaut). So I think getting rich & waiting is likely a
path to failure in this endeavour; it doesn't matter how much money you've
got, it'll still be (in a singularity scenario) the first uploads who decide
if you get to come on board, or are fed to the carnobots.

In a non-singularity environment, of course you are correct; it's better to
wait until the kinks are ironed out, then get uploaded into MS Upload v27.
In this scenario, yes, the corporate AIs are at worst oppressed slaves, at
best citizens like you or I. I think it supposes that their (upload's)
mental abilities will remain in the same ballpark as a regular humans; I'd
like to see that position defended.


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