Dust in Earth's Magnetosphere

From: Amara Graps (Amara.Graps@mpi-hd.mpg.de)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 17:49:12 MDT


Some of you earth spacecraft/rocket people might be interested in
the following paper, avail in HTML at:


This work is a the completion of ESA contract characterizing the
charging and dynamics of natural and man-made debris in high-earth

The conclusions of this work are that it is possible to form large
negative potentials (thousands of volts) on dust and debris
particles in Earth orbit. These kind of charges are seen by the
GORID dust detector in geostationary orbit. And these charges
support some of the ideas of the electrostatic fragmentation of
meteoroids swarms and groups meteoroid fragments, which were
observed by the HEOS II dust instrument 20 years ago.

We also show that the Earth's magnetosphere is a very dynamic place-
probably the most dynamic magnetosphere of the planets in the solar
system, in large part due to its close proximity to the Sun's solar
wind output.



     Dust in Earth's Magnetosphere

     Amara L. Graps / Eberhard Gruen
     Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik
     Heidelberg, Germany
     June 2000


     In this report, we conduct an analysis of the charging and orbital
     evolution of dust particles in Earth's magnetosphere. The survey
     includes the bulk properties such as composition, density,
     diameter, the surface effects due to secondary electron and
     photoelectric emission (e.g. secondary electron emission yields,
     optical constants), a magnetosphere description, a magnetospheric
     plasma description with data, charging calculation results of
     equilibrium potentials, times and calculations for electrostatic
     disruption, dominant charging processes for different portions of
     the Earth's magnetosphere, force calculations and orbital
     evolution for dust particles in Earth's magnetosphere.



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