Re: RE: GM angst

Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 16:30:52 MDT

In a message dated 7/20/00 11:11:51 AM, writes:

>He's not talking about RoundUp itself, but rather crops that normally
>can't take RoundUp which are genetically modified to tolerate it. I'm
>not so sure that's a good thing either, and I /am/ sure that "terminator"
>genes are very bad. Yes, GM is a good thing, but there really /are/
>evil uses of it (as there are with any technology) and it does no good
>for our cause to ignore them or minimize them.

What's wrong with terminator alleles? They're a great way to make sure
GM's don't get into the environment. It's certainly within Monsanto's
rights to modify their property; if you don't like the conditions for use
of their property, don't use it, just like anything else.

Concerns about "sterilizing" adjacent fields are way overblown; pollen rarely
travels far and the gene can't spread into a population, because it sterilizes
its carriers. Insofar as it actually causes harm, it's easily handled within
the current tort system - costs are measurable and causes conclusively
demonstrable from a small number of potential sources.

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