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Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 10:37:49 MDT

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> Yes, using for the string "domestic canine" instead of "dog"
> appears useless
> unless one wins something with this generalization. A tame wolf
> would also
> match the label "domestic canine", so if I would like to discuss
> the society
> structure of dogs _and_ wolves, I could write "In the societies
> of domestic
> canines the humans _must_ always belong to a higher rank than the canine."
> as it holds for dogs as well as for tame wolves.

I believe that dogs are the only domesticated species in the genus _Canis_.
It's true that a few wolves have been tamed, but the species certainly can't
be called domesticated. Therefore, the terms dogs, _Canis famiiliaris_, and
domestic canines are synonymous.


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