Re: World's biggest concert [was: Re: CRYO/AGING ...]

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 08:11:41 MDT

James Wetterau wrote:
> But let's use metric shall we? Let's fit a comfortable 2 people /
> square meter. We then need about 3,000,000,000 square meters. There
> are 1,000,000 square meters per kilometer, therefore we need 3,000
> square kilometers, or a square area about 55 kilometers on a side.
> That's big, but not too, too big.
> But one obvious question in re the superbowl party plans that Michael
> Lorrey suggested: who's actually playing the superbowl, and running
> the TV broadcast, etc.? No, I'm afraid a superbowl party would never
> do. Clearly the right thing to do with that many people that tightly
> packed is to have a concert. Music is the only force I've ever seen
> that makes people voluntarily assume those kinds of densities for
> significant periods of time. And, hey, you've got all the musicians
> in one place!

My plan was to either project the game onto the surface of the moon (and equip
each La-Z-Boy with a nice pair of binoculars) or use lasers to project it into
the stratosphere as a hologram.

Not sure about the density thing. I mean, I've been to Pearl Jam concerts that
were that packed, but Dead shows at Seattle's Memorial Stadium and Boston Pops
on the Esplanade have a far lower density (your Dead-head floater needs at least
a couple square meters to really do her shtick, and I like spreading out a nice
big blanket to watch the Pops...) Red Sox and Mariners games are the only place
I've seen grown men not mind being elbow to elbow with other guys, spilling beer
on each other and hugging after the great plays...

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