Re: ...The evolution of Stellar Based Superminds...

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 02:32:21 MDT

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Spike Jones wrote:

> "Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:
> > (Spike might step in here -- how much does it cost to fling
> > a Jupiter out of a solar system?).
> Depends on what you mean by cost. The real cost would be the
> loss of all that matter here, where its value would be inestimable.

If the luddites win and we have to launch cryoships to Alpha centauri,
then we might as well take Jupiter & Saturn with us.

All I'm looking for is energy cost -- what would that be if we
wanted to take Jupiter from our Sun to Alpha Centauri (start
& stop costs on both ends), in say 100 or 1000 years?

About the asteroids, I think we *should* be able to claim them but
I'm not sure that is currently allowed under Space Law. Tom McKendree
would know more as I think he has studied this.


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