Re: CRYO: Illegality of Cryonics in British Columbia

From: CYMM (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 04:38:12 MDT

HA! Expect more as the next two decades roll on.

With whatever respect is due, people who believe in cryonics believe in a
very very long shot.

You think your freezers will survive a World War and rationing??... they'lll
comandeer your electrical generators! WAR IS NOT ABOUT IMMORTALITY is about the expendability of human life!! The antithesis of
extropianism - War is entropy at its finest, even!

I think LE people should pool financial resources and get the research going
NOW... more money ...more progress... surely LE folks worldwide could raise
$20 million (...maybe Robert Bradbury could advise on the best way such
money could be "invested" into hard LE research...). The payoffs are after
all the only real wealth... CONTINUED EXISTENCE.


>It has long been known that cryonics is considered illegal in British
>Columbia...evidently the only jurisdiction in the world to have infringed
>upon individual rights in such a way.

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