Re: Nanotech/Opensource: Opinions Needed.

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 20:47:12 MDT

"Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
>The reason it
>does not work on Mac, and why MS is likely not interested in investing
>the money in developing a reader for the Mac, is that the current Mac OS
>is a lame duck.

You must not be aware that Microsoft has created a Macintosh
development group specifically to develop for the Macintosh. Their
latest software release was Internet Explorer 5.0 for the Mac. It
has more features and is more HTML and CSS compliant than their
Windows version.

>The next version of the Mac OS is going to
>be linux based,

Not quite. It is Unix based, but not all Unixes are Linux. Macs can
already run a lot of different Unixes, including BSD Unix, AT&T Unix,
Linux, NextOS, and Mach-10. I know there are many other Unixes that
it can run, but these are the ones I have personally run on my Mac.

>will not run ANY current Mac applications,

It will provide full backwards compatibility. This means that it can
run all current Macintosh programs. The developer versions are
already out and working, so this is not vaporware.

What you probably heard is that it does not provide *forward*
compatibility. Current Mac users can't run the new Unix applications
unless they upgrade to the next OS release.

>You Mac users will have to buy all new applications (isn't
>this the third time that Apple has done this to you Mac users

No. My iMac runs programs that I have had since my Mac Plus over 15
years ago. It wasn't even the same processor chip as my iMac, but
most of the programs still run. Apple has always maintained
backwards compatibility. When they switched to the PowerPC
processor, most users who upgraded didn't even realize that the
hardware was radically different.

I currently use my iMac to run these operating systems: MacOS, Mac X,
BSD Unix, AT&T Unix, Linux, Mach-10, NextStep, DOS, Windows 3.1,
Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, OS/2, BeOS and AppleII.

>yet you
>continue to complain about the *Microsoft* conspiracy/monopoly?).

Some Mac users, but not me. I prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer
because it just plain renders HTML and CSS better. My last three
laptops have been IBM ThinkPads, with Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, and
IBM OS/2 OSes.

As you can see, I use a dozen different operating systems in my
consulting business. The idea that there is a single OS monopoly is

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