Who will have the very first upload? (was Re: Corporate Uploads Take Over (was: upload only small part))

From: Emlyn (onetel) (emlyn@one.net.au)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 23:21:58 MDT

> Hardware and upload compilation will become cheap enough to
> profitably run uploads for lower than then-current wages when
> human labor is still highly valued (i.e., before strong AI),
> and substantially before most individuals can afford to
> non-destructively upload themselves.
> Given this premise, most first uploads would be corporate projects,
> and such uploads would have a first-mover advantage in filling niches.
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Isn't this the kind of thing that defense spends buckets of money on before
big corporations, or at least privately and in collusion with them? I would
think, if I were that brand of peanut which makes decisions in a defense
department, that there would be an inestimable advantage to be gained from
getting an edge in the uploading race. Imagine if I could get one to run on
hardware small enough to put into those missile defense system doodads that
Spike is a fan of? Is it likely that the corporate world would have useful
uploads going before, say, the US DOD?


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