Re: psi as a boundary breaking possibility

From: CYMM (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 09:34:44 MDT

SPUDBOY100 SAID: "...The amorphous hyperuniverse
may then contain more information then the lights of Max Tegmark have
indicated? Max T. believes that there is almost no data in a hyperuniverse
and much more within. On the other hand, being 'conked-out' aka dead, does
not give too many time for reflection or computation-so much for Ascension.

CYMM SAYS: No. He's probably dead right... In the scenario to which I allude
information is a LOCAL thing... globally THERE IS NOTHING.

About being dead... If you can set up a QWF of a very complex adaptive
system so that the emergent quantum system potential ( which would then be a
highly configured or structured field in system space) is able to "pick up"
or "induce" QWFs of myriad kinds.

>From the point of view of an observer embedded in physical spacetime the
emergent Quantum system potential is "beyond spacetime"; it sure looks like
a totally spiritual entity to me.

So certain classes of complex adaptive systems may stir up (configure)
enough of a quantum potential to be seised of an "eternal soul".

It may even interact with our physical Universe at varying points on the
spacetime continuum. Reincarnation?

I think the mathematics would bear this out... hopefully I might have time
to fiddle with that when I retire... but LE; Cognitive Software; Gardening;
Playing With my Dogs; and Ducking Taxes are my priorities.

SPUDBOY100 SAID: "...Hinduism is primarilly a faith system, also based on
tradition and tales handed down from ancient times.."

CYMM SAYS: Hindu Philosophy isn't. Don't confuse their day-to-day liturgy
with their Vedantic Philosophy. They had originally tackled the regular
philosophical questions with much adroitness - ethics & eschatological dogma
were tacked on.

But the original philosophizing was at least as full of genuine inquiry as
that of the Greeks... and was less bogged down with aesthetic constraints
about the Universe.

SPUDBOY100 SAID: "...If the "amorphous universe" does indeed contain
psychological and computational activity, then that is indeed a decent area
of study. How then, might we demonstrate this hypothesis?

CYMM SAYS: In this context, activity, like information, is a creation of
locality. Some terribly local subset of the hyperuniverse (sensu my previous
post) is a function that disembeds or "filters" a reality from the amorphous

Activity and information has to be "filtered" or "disembedded" from the
Hyperuniverse via some subset of the said Hyperuniverse. Mindlike entities
might be good at this.

Creation might be said not to exist...because all that is and can never be
is part of the Hyperuniverse; which of couse is identical with Nothing.

This disembedding is the act of "creation out of Nothing". It is what God
was supposed to do... but St. John understood the incompleteness of the Book
of Genesis and stuck in the Greek Logos or Word - the disembedder.

"In the beginning was the Word...."

The QWF/emergent system potential is such a disembedding Wordlike machine. I
think that, in fact, it is a hypermachine running a greater-than-Turing
computable process... degenerate forms of which are describable by a
conventional Schrodinger equation and a Born Rule.

The construction of powerful non-Born "Quantum Effect Devices" as Sarfatti
and his QED corp. are conspiring to do, might be a start.

I think that quantum computers based on analogue quantum neural nets built
out of ordinary silicon & epitaxial technology can do the trick because
maintaining coherence in emergent QWFs might be, with current technology,
almost a fait accompli.

The qubit approach (with all due respect) sucks.

Then (if it can be tweaked in such hardware devices) with strong machine
PSI (...human PSI is so weak a phenomenon...) you're on your way to the
creation of anything you want just by sheer will.

The act of imagining a universe into existence is an act of disembedding
from the amorphous hyperuniverse or Brahman.

But, to repeat, you've got to create a diembedding function ( a machine
that does it)... artificial quantum mindlike objects are the way to go. The
future or the Universe is nothing like Eliezer or the others imagine it to

Those are just childhood dreams of amplified humanity.

Understandable, but pathetic nevertheless.

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