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From: Emlyn (onetel) (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 23:16:46 MDT

I might just buy that album; haven't had anything from Joe Satriani for a
while, and that sounds just the ticket! Thanks Shaun.

(Do you think Joe might be lurking here?)

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> Though this is perhaps not groundbreaking extropic news, it is worth
> mentioning that Joe Satriani has a newish album out called _Engines of
> Creation_. I bought it partially out of curiosity, and was happily
> surprised that the title is apparently no coincidence...the graphic design
> features complex assemblers etc., and the music itself is a major turn
> towards electronica (albeit with a lot of amazing guitar work).
> This is exactly the kind of meme propogation that I think is very healthy
> for public causes the average listener to question the
> of the title, then discover and hopefully support that basis. Power to
> Satriani for being successful without compromise.
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