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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:30:53 MDT

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> I'd like some considered comments on this site and these instances of
> claims of paranormal perception achieved by a specific practical protocol
> (remote viewing), developed for the formerly classified STARGATE project.

I don't see enough at this site to come to any conclusion other than

However, the info on this site is consistent with what I've heard and read
elsewhere about remote viewing experiments. If the experimental data
reported are true, you have to admit that there's something going on that
doesn't fit into generally accepted explanations of conscisouness.

It's unfortunate that the astrology stuff is included. I think sometimes
people operating on the fringes like this go over the edge in an attempt to
bring in some money.

There's a pretty interesting site on psi studies at Here's a paragraph from
Peter Lloyd's personal background page:

"I was born in 1960 and grew up in the old port town of Cardiff. In 1979 I
entered the University College in Cardiff, to study computer systems, but
switched to mathematics. After graduating in 1981, I spent six years
carrying out research in the solar engineering department of the university.
At that time, I was working on the mathematical modelling of the incidence
of solar energy -- a mix of software development and number crunching. In
1987, the UK government declined to fund any further research in solar
energy. So, I left. I moved to Oxford, where I worked as a software
developer for a research group, under Richard Peto, conducting clinical
trials. This also gave me the opportunity to attend evening classes in
philosophy, under Dr Michael Lockwood. At the end 1993, I left Oxford and
went freelance as a software developer."

The guy's mathematical background shows--no bullshit, logical analysis of
what's been done so far and what are the shortcomings apparent in the
published research.

Charles Tart also has written some interesting papers, such as this one

His research has been criticized, and I have to agree that much of his psi
research is no more than anecdotal (it's still interesting though). I've
been favorably impressed by some of his research into altered states of


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