Re: Getting rich without copyright (was Napster...)

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 18:45:47 MDT

> Secondly, it may be a path on the way to writing a book - or even you
> owning your own magazine, or you may not want to. Your goal may BE to work
> for others. Mine is not.

My goal is to be rich and happy using whatever talents I have. I tried
the independent web design thing and discovered I have no talent at all
for running a business, so my goals are better served by getting someone
else to do that part while I do what I do best--write.

Besides, the distinction between "working for yourself" and "working
for others" is an artifical one. Capitalism is, by definition, working
for others. Even if you're an artist selling direct to the public
with no investment from anyone and no management by anyone, you still
have to produce something someone else wants to buy to make any money.
Your work has no value--value is created by /demand/, by the fact that
someone else /wants/ something. If you produce something other people
want, you make money, and you eat. If you don't, you starve. "Working
for yourself" is a luxury--an indulgence one can afford only /after/
one has put bread on the table.

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