How to turn some people to GM (was Glowing Grass)

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 17:52:32 MDT

I was just thinking that many of the people who hate GM food and transgenic
animals, particularly the most extreme eco-terrorist ones, somehow have
deluded themselves into thinking that genetic engineering is a tool of
oppression - that the widespread use of GM will result in them not being
able to do what they want to do.
A way to counter this is ro provide them with a case where GM will allow
them a greater amount of freedom then they already have. I've thought of a
way to do this which I think is within current or nearly-current technology.
I came up with this idea several years ago but just realized it's
propogandistic value today: genetically engineer a strain of grass (common
lawn grass) which produces THC, and other chemicals found in marijuana.
Immediately, many of the people (from the left side of the anti-GM spectrum)
who are now protesting GM food suddenly can grow their favorite drug, right
in their front lawn, without arousing detection. The argument against hemp
is that it will make it easier to grow marijuana - the argument applies here
as well, to a much higher degree.. everyone has a lawn. How easy would it be
to select a corner of it specifically for GM grass, nobody would ever
suspect - prohibition would completely crumble. Could this be done? Is it as
easy as inserting a single gene as has already been done in hundreds of
other cases?
This would probably backfire if done in isolation without anything else to
appease the religious right wing "you're playing god!" aspect as well.

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