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Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 14:06:14 MDT

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> I've always
> wanted to try to run a dating service but never felt able to do it.

I almost DID start one last year. I was trying to think of interesting ways
to make money without having to commute into town more than once a week or
so, and I'd seen statistics indicating that the most heavily visited sites
on the internet were sex sites and singles sites. And of course I recalled
my Dream Maker experience and the tremendous response we got from the men.

Most of the singles sites I looked at on the Web gave you the feeling of
entering a very sleazy meat-market bar, but I found one service that looked
pretty good. I called up the guy who was running it, and we worked out an
agreement where I would run the service in Texas (where I live) and keep
some very generous portion of the gross receipts (I forget what exact % we
agreed on). But when they faxed the written agreement, they wanted to put a
time limit on the deal, which would have meant they'd step in and take over
after I'd put in all the work of building up the business.

I liked the way they were doing things, though, and I've thought of starting
up something similar on my own or with a local partner or partners. One of
the things that was different about this service was that they had monthly
meetings where members could get together for dinner, maybe go to a cultural
event after dinner. I think this is the sort of thing you'd want to do to
appeal to women. They also had a couple of pages about how to *act* on a
first date, what to talk about, that sort of thing. These pages were pretty
silly, but such a thing might be useful if done with some creativity.


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