Re: Thought love- (was) Madison Ave.Love (was) True love may be

Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 18:15:03 MDT

I knew pretty soon Spike and Damien would deteriorate this thread into a
pretty actress comparison, and since I am so extremely NOT attracted to
actors and celebrities, before this thread bores me to tears I will try to
get it back on topic.

What I was talking about was NOT genetic preprogramming regarding how men
select women to bear children (no matter how fashionable and fascinating that
topic is). Nor what the current standards of male or female pop culture
glamour are.

I think this is so mercurial as to be non-issue. Last year' Debbie Gibson
next year Tiffany now it's Britney Spears... woohoo.... Let's all post the
Back Steert Boys site too, why not? ; - )

I was more interested in what kind of meme choices we are making regarding
our own tastes and love interests. And what is programmed in by cultural
memes, and what is our own. Not what's hardwired, that's just simply a dead

The place this thread SHOULD have gone -- when Anders began to take it
there-is not what plain featured actresses we need pant over, but is it
transhumanist to make changes in our memes -- forming better ones ? Once we
have the kind of technology that makes the mating ritual less of a knee-jerk
reaction, our lust can be more in our control. Can be enhanced so to speak.

The original post was saying that future minded people can and should have
more say over what they do with their libido. Then somehow the boys start
spouting the very pablum I called "Madison Avenue love'.. proving my point,
in some banal way...

Again... woohoo... (got that Nsync website?)

One thing that is a turn on for both sexes (at least on this list) is a good
mind. Sure it has to be attached to a sexy (whatever that is to you) body,
but brain power is a turn on. Surmisably for the same reasons small waists or
broad shoulders are -- survival rates of offspring......

When shared mind experiences become fashionable, we can tune in to someone's
brain in ways that could be highly erotic, but not necessarily physical. A
brain-trip or mind-f**Ck or whatever you want to call it. No genetic mingling
at all. Pure chemical and visual stimuli.

We are already heading in that direction, but in such a pathetic way (with so
called cybersex). I am fascinated by the chat rooms in that the FIRST thing
people ask is how old? what do you look like? Why the need to keep the body
at your sidew when you are floating in mind-space? I think fear. Fear of
flying... ; - )

With sex becoming less and less of a reproductive act and more of a conscious
decision for pleasure, love itself may flourish as a mental exercise. There
is nothing unromantic about the brain being the seat of love, it is actually
MORE of a turn on that way.

And then someone writes...

> I think I have
> been in love.

Shouldn't it be, I think -- *therefore* -- I am in love? ; - )

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