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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 18:08:09 MDT

Grass glows when one inhales


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> I was wondering how long it would take for genetic engineering to move
into the area
> of ornamental plants and apparently it won't take long. A front page
article in today's
> New York Times says that in addition to developing a blue rose, the Scotts
> has developed a grass that is drought resistant, immune to weed killer and
stops growing
> after it reaches a certain height so it needs little mowing. They have
even more ambitious
> plans, there is talk of red, orange, blue and purple grass, and Peter Day,
one of the
> company's scientists says: " You might put a luminescent gene in so that
your grass might
> glow. Or, if your foot stepped on it , it would glow. You could also make
novelty grasses."
> He didn't say what was more novel than glowing multicolored grass but I'd
love to find out.
> Jeremy Rifkin and others who fear an attract of killer tomatoes are
certain all this will
> bring an end to western civilization, they've already sabotaged some of
Scotts's test
> plots causing serious damage. Nevertheless my hope is that when people
start to bring
> beautiful plants into their home genetic engineering will shed its
fearsome image.
> John K Clark

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