Re: italian interest (part 2)

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 13:54:02 MDT

Spudboy100 wrote
<The only thing I noticed is that even when governments 'collapsed' the new
Italian governments would frequently re-install the same cabinet members,
perhaps hoping for a means to vote away a 'deadlock'? More interesting to me
is how Italian bussiness leaders and families were able to produce a decent
standard of living with all what we American's would superficially, see as
chaotic? This may be considered an unheralded Italian success story, and
perhaps a lesson for the future?>

Difficult questions. But I had, in my family, during the last 140 years, 3
senators and 2 deputies, from different parties. So I am ready to answer.

1. They re-install the same cabinet (sometimes, or often, a cabinet which is
worse or weaker) because the *real* government is somewhere else. The *real*
government is spread, is located in the political system: those parties
(just one in the '30s, about 48 right now) and those trade unions. And some
political *power* (mafia, cosa nostra, ndrangheta, camorra, stidda, sacra
corona, masonic churchs, masonic and hidden sects, terrorists, etc. ) was
(is) also out of the political system. So the government is just a *virtual*
entity, sometimes without a real majority. But if some agreement is
stipulated by those parties (and *churchs* and trade unions) the government
runs even without a parliamentary majority. Or, if you prefer, the
government (even the strongest one) can not run if that agreement breaks
down. In example when the Nato forces attacked Milosevic, italian government
was in trouble because 2 communist parties (in the majority) voted against
that war. But the government had a sudden help from the right side!

2. Right. Italy is *always* in chaos. But this chaos means (also) that
controls are loose. And this means that we had a *black* economy which was
very very strong. And this *black* money was our escape (this money financed
the national expense too!). But now, after the EU, controls are stronger
.... and economy seems to be weaker.


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