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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 06:07:34 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 11:28 PM 8/07/00 -0700, Spike wrote:
> >Shannen Doherty
> >Theres an example of attractive yet definitely non-
> >symmetrical face. One of her eyes is noticeably higher
> >than the other.
> I said:
> >not nearly as gorgeous as CHARMED co-star Alyssa, whose features are
> superbly symmetrical
> but good grief, I went and took a look to check, and she too has a skewed
> face, one eye slightly higher than the other!
> This is soooo off extro-topic.
> Damien Broderick
> [but I don't care]

No human is symmetrical. As example, the right and left lungs are different.

It (asymmetry) is to some extent a sign of specialization. Flatworms
(planara) are symmetric.

By the same token, extreme asymmetry is not good, that being simply a
Darwinian disadvantage, for example, lack of a limb. Other of the
individual's advantages might make up for it thus that they procreate.

Many or perhaps most people do not have natural parts in their hair down the
middle of their heads.

Personally, I am not symmetrical but close enough for my own satisfaction.
As a youth I wore braces on my teeth, they were not crooked but rather I had
an overbite. There might be half a centimeter difference in respective arm
and leg length, I have never measured them, my fingertips match when I put my
elbows together on the table with perhaps a millimeter difference. If you
know what I look like I have gained some weight and have shorter hair.

I look in the mirror to see which eye is higher, and can not tell the
difference as I do not recall specificity of any previously noted asymmetry,
except my left eyebrow is cocked perhaps sarcastically. When I smile it is
generally moreso with the right side of my face. Expressions are often
asymmetric, I would think because of personal affectation and asymmetric
brain lobe emotion responsibility.

I removed my contact lenses yesterday, I am very nearsighted. I notice that
the focussing adapts so that after twenty minutes or upon serious
concentration after removing contact lenses that my vision self-corrects. I
replace them in my eyes as even after that they can see no detail beyond
three feet away.

In the context of this I would say that I am self-centered but not

Milano appears to have a tattoo on her left leg. In terms of which Charmed
actress is most attractive, that is a difficult choice. I can't say to have
ever noted asymmetry in any of them, or in any TV actor, for that matter, it
or it's absence is not something that is sought.

Now then, about love, love is a many-splendored thing.

Among most biological creatures, love is a euphemism for the procreative
drive and two people's proclivity towards it.

For most mammals and many other creatures, that means pheromones, those
largely otherwise undetectable odors that emanate from the body signifying a
wide variety of physical states, among them sexual readiness or proclivity.

Most humans have undeniable visual input as a large factor in attraction.
The other less overriding senses are also obviously factors.

There is that physical love and then there is the more spiritual, if you
will, or intangible personal love, where the love is based upon a sense of
caring towards the other.

Non-sexual or not-necessarily-sexual love is different things for different
people in regards to different things that are loved.

Love implies warmth and fulfillment, as well as its flip side..

Love is probably the most numerously enumerated theme in music lyrics.
Country music has songs about dogs, guns, trucks, beer, and love, hip hop
songs about gin, grass, gangs, g-love, and love, and pop music about pop
music and love, with love songs being about love. Many songs have love in
the title, from "Is This Love?" to "Now That We've Found Love" to "What Time
is Love?" There simply are not that many songs about oil filter gaskets.

I love my family and friends and everything at some level. I think I have
been in love.

Have a niec day,


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