Re: Homing pigeons, the sun & Dennet, Gould, Dyson and Toulmin

Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 20:38:33 MDT

I would have rather listened to Dyson on just about everything, and Gould
about Palentology and Evolution only, and Sacks, I would have listened and
asked about Neuroscience. Now as for Tipler, depending on how he decided to
respond, I am guessing that judging from Michael Shermer's questions to
Tipler in Skeptical Enquirer back about 3 years ago; he would've dealt pretty
successfully with all comers.

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<< Then Sheldrake speculates for a while about what the universe is thinking
 maybe it's thinking about the details of evolution on earth ... sunspots ...
 and it gets very new-agey and vague...
 I really wondered what ax the director had to grind, to put him in this
 otherwise wonderful documentary.
 I could have listened to Freeman Dyson or Oliver Saks for hours longer and
 skipped him entirely. >>

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