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> Sheldrake has recently (1999) published a book, [Dogs That Know
> When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of
> Animals: An Investigation], on these sorts of experiments. I'd
> be interested in comments if anyone has read it.

No comments on Sheldrakes book, but I want to read it.

Here are some comments from my own experience:

Plants: Take 2 plants and give them identical care with one exception: for
one of the plants stop by and look at it every day and think (or
say--doesn't matter whether you say the words out loud or just think
them )nice thoughts such as "How beautiful your flowers are today, with the
sunlight shining so delicately pink through their petals!" The plant you
stop and appreciate will thrive, whereas the other plant will survive but
will be less robust, will have leaves that are less plump, and so forth.
Other gardeners have agreed with me and said that they too have noticed

People: at the moment my cousin Lizzie was killed, 15 miles from where I
was, I saw in my mind the vision of a bloody face. The vision was strong
enough that I ran in from the garden to check on my daughter to make sure
she was OK. A couple of hours later, the police came to tell me Lizzie had
been killed.

Nature of consciousness: When I was a child I used to run through the woods
at night, barefoot. Even on nights when there was no moon, my feet avoided
injury. The feet themselves seemed to know where to step.

But this was a long time ago. Maybe I'm not remembering accurately. OK,
how about this:

I often have the experience of walking through the woods and finding myself
suddenly stopping. Only after I stop does the information make it into my
consciousness that if I hadn't stopped I would have skewered one of my eyes
on a sharp twig. I read of some research that was done on this topic. I
believe it was about a year ago. It was done with all the latest gadgets to
measure brain waves and all that and seemed to show that consiciousness
doesn't work in quite the way it had been thought to. Messages do not need
to run through the brain in order to be acted upon by widely separated parts
of the body.

I have had other experiences that are far more bizarre and seem to indicate
that there is some connection between the mind and what we would think of as
inanimate matter, but I don't generally share these in public. They're what
you might call over the edge, and I really don't know what to make of them.


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