Re: Madison Ave.Love (was) True love may just be all in your head

Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 11:36:40 MDT

Anders you always have such interesting responses.

Yes, I remember that computer genreated supermodel that was on the cover of
some magazine, a composite of the most average features that could be found
... looked pretty ugly to me, but yet somethign like beauty.. confusing...

Yet, looking back in history on what was considered beautiful, I wonder how
much of our infatuation with the "average" is a product of just plain *Being
Bombarded* with "perfect" blonde-blue eyed face after face after face,
"perfect" size body after body after body? With relentless purpose, the
fashion industry has induced in us an ever younger, creaseless, more bland
perfection. Mae West could not get photographed to save her life these days,
and we rarely see a "buff" female -except on fitness mags
- though both of those body types is nearer to perfection (IMO) than the
current fad for same-same guys and girlies we see in the catalogues.

It seems to me what the meme is all about these days is getting a body that
has *no characteristics that are personalized*. Photoshop has made this
possible. The airbrush courteously removes all puckers, armpits, zits,
compression marks, moles, body hair or any markings of individuality that the
body may hold. Madison Avenue's erection is not for More Than Average, it is
for "empty" of experience. This hothouse version of humanity has survived
nothing, been traumatized in no way, has no injury.

I find it mildly disturbing ...and compelling at the same time.

As well:
In the name of attractiveness, babies feet were bound, women's teeth
blackened, labrets worn through the lips and heads flattened by various
people who had an idea that this was TRULY beautiful! So we are always
vulnerable to meme-takeovers... not always rational ones, though we can
rationalize them. What makes us think the current scientific rationale for
bland features is the more valid? ; - )

You ask what kind of reengineering can we do to our libidos? Better ask -
what can we do to improve our meme immune system all around!

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