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Check out


I recently read this item:

Basically, on the Fourth of July a journalist was beaten illegally. I
wasn't there so cannot vouch for the chain of events.

I am interested in seeing photographic or video evidence of this event,
or publication of it in the regular media. I realize this list is not
about this kind of issue, yet some readers might be aware of alternative
source wherein this evidence is presented for view by the public.

Police brutality by itself is not justification for abolishing drug
prohibition, that cause has enough merits on its own. Police brutality
is justification for firing police and restructuring law-enforcement
organizations. There are plenty of good public safety officers, and
plenty of good public safety officers that know drug prohibition and its
concurrent war on the people in the name of said war are inherently not
good for society.

The news article alleges that armed policeman criminally assaulted the
journalist, Pete Brady, upon provocation by photographing the illegal
searches and seizures of these rogue vigilantist uniformed thugs on
Independence Day. If these public employees have commited a crime, this
list has informed us that any citizen can file criminal charges against

Once again, police serve a vital and beneficial role, as well as enforce
bad laws, selectively. For those advocates of a rosy transparency
future, this is another small example that the evil ones can't bear
light upon them, and thus require the most.

The irony of this alleged event on the national holiday is implied.

If you know another who might have information about viewing chronicles
of this event, please let them know thus that interested parties might
make their own judgment.

Have a nice day,


>From :

"Cops bust Cannabis Culture journalist
by Bianca Sind (07 Jul, 2000) CC correspondent Pete Brady arrested and
beaten during Washington DC hempfest.

The thirtieth annual Fourth of July Smoke-Out in Washington, DC ended
with an unexpected type of fireworks this year.

The event began peacefully in Lafayette Park, a few hundred feet from
the White House, at noon on a typically hot and humid July 4th. For
three hours, the crowd of approximately 4,000 people heard a variety of
speeches from cannabis activists, including NORML director Keith Stroup,
Pot-TV's Miriam White, drug reform policy expert Kevin Zeese, and Yippie
anarchist Dana Beal.

Police were present, but did not enforce marijuana laws while the event
was held at Lafayette Park. At approximately 3:30, however, the crowd
began an orderly march south past the White House, eventually ending up
in two large fields where event organizers provided quality musical acts
and more speeches.

Unfortunately, SWAT team police began moving through the crowd. They
conducted illegal searches and seizures, used coercion and fear tactics
against many of the younger members of the audience, pulled dozens of
people out of the parks, and arrested several people.

CANNABIS CULTURE international correspondent Pete Brady, accompanied by
CC videographer Chadman, began following police, recording their
intimidating actions and challenging them. Brady took the stage and
pointedly told police they were not welcome at the event, and instructed
audience members to shadow the police and exercise free speech. Soon,
dozens of courageous youth were surrounding police at every arrest site,
shouting invectives and anti-drug war slogans.

Police responded by threatening Brady and Chadman. They told the pair,
along with other journalists and activists, that they would be punished
for taking pictures and video of the arrests. Brady and New York
activist Rob Robinson repeatedly informed police that journalists have a
legal right to take pictures at public events. Police told Brady,
Robinson and others that they would be harmed by police if they
continued to take photos and voice their opinions about police actions.

At 8:30pm, Brady was photographing another arrest; two officers told him
to stop. Brady asked the officers if there was an official US Park
Service policy governing photographer's access to photo opportunities.
Suddenly, a large officer knocked Brady to the ground, and a group of
officers swarmed on top of him.

A crowd of approximately 200 people, many of them throwing rocks and
bottles, surrounded the police, who continued to beat Brady as he lay
motionless on the ground.

Brady was dragged away, beaten again, and thrown into a paddy wagon. He
was arrested and taken to DC General Hospital, and then to jail. NORML
Director Keith Stroup, and Common Sense for Drug Policy Director Kevin
Zeese visited the jail the next morning to help expedite Brady's

Police stole Brady's cameras, reporter's notebooks and film. They also
attacked his girlfriend and pried his tape recorder out of her hands.

Brady has broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a concussion.


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