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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 22:56:12 MDT

Why only a beginning, rather then a finalization, especially if 'heat death'
proves a preferable form of survival? One could I suppose, go for a Dyson
deep-freeze where information is tied together via low power lasters over
ever vaster distances. If that was the case I'd prefer that the technicians
of the future focus on some kind of tachyonic communication. Or, if possible,
slurping ourselves into another cosm Michio Kaku style; hence his preference
for supersymetry.

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<< The vortex approach is mentioned in passing in THE SPIKE, but for emergent
 life/intelligence at the *start* of the cosmos rather than at its end:
 Could such a selfish code-string persist though the fires of the Big Bang,
 and in the cooling cosmos left as its ashes? For a selfish signal to
 survive in a sea of noise, [Jonathan] Burns observes, it has to perform its
 own noise reduction. Emergent exotica might stabilise briefly - vortices,
 frequency bands, phase boundaries - to form a first substrate.
 Damien Broderick >>

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