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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 07:20:35 MDT

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> Actually, my own personal Book of Revelations is Greg Egan's Diaspora

        And I saw a great collision, and the wise did not know why it
        happened. And the lizard spewed forth darkness and lightening,
        destroying the believers and unbelievers, and poisoned the air
        and waters with wormwood so that no flesh mayest remain.

        The angels saw this, and their hearts were filled with
        fear. They cried "But will this happen to us too? We must know
        so that we can deliver ourselves!". So they built a great
        forge, a forge larger than the spheres of heaven. And in this
        forge they sought to make a doorway with which to escape. But
        when the doorway appeared they found that it did not lead

        The angels then spread their wings in a great diaspora to find
        the answer. They sought answers from the stars, from the rocks
        and from the seas. But when they found it, they did not at
        first know what it was, for it was written in the smallest
        grain. But in this grain was not just the revelation of the
        coming doom but also a world, for each grain contains more
        worlds than the sand on a beach contains grains of sand.

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