RE: More Green Party

From: Corbally (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 17:55:15 MDT

>Amara said:
>And I do like your solution.. but .. Parkinsons? funny. If I did
>what you did, I would have chosen something like AIDS to tell him.

Actually, this seems to me to have been a very clever, if perhaps
unintentional strategy. If she had said that she was HIV, he may have seen
through the bluff, as it can be a common trick used by women in this
situation (Our version here is to shout "I'm riddled with AIDS!").
However, he's likely to know much less about Parkinsons, and therefore have
greater "fear of the unknown". By the context Bonnie said it in, she gave
the impression he would be at infection risk. She used his ignorance
against him. Most excellent! He's probably still going round saying,
"Jeez, I don' wanna be infected with no Parkinsons, man!"

Very nicely done....


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