Re: Chip That Would Restore Sight Implanted in People

Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 11:02:08 MDT

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 Illinois scientists on Friday said they have successfully implanted silicon
 microchips beneath human retinas for the first time, a procedure that holds
 promise for millions of people with failing eyesight... >>

Thank you zero.

I'm hoping this works out. Like almost everyone I know I'm getting older.
Like almost everyone who gets older my vison is deteriorating. Not bad...I'm
still 20/20 for driver's license purposes....but bad enough that I can no
longer see close up well enough to read (I wear wal-mart special reading
glassses...I have several pair stashed in strategic locations thruout the
truck...theyre cheap...smash one and it's easy to replace)

Howsomever....I have higher hopes than is mentioned in the article. I not
only want my vison restored to it's former greatness...I want it improved.
Super-man/ 6million dollar man (that's enough to buy lunch after taxes)
sight.....higher and lower freq. Custom Preprocessing routines......<shade
all dopplered "incoming" to red for instant recognition....receding to
blue>....and various other things I haven't thought of yet....


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