Re: "Free Science Clinic/Enclave" (Was: THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL)

From: CYMM (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 04:27:01 MDT

GREG BIRCH SAID: "...The scenarios that concern me are those involving
medical techniques which might become possible in the intermediate term that
won't be available in first world countries because of slow, bureaucratic
approval processes and/or fear of backlash from religious or other

CYMM SAYS: Some techniques exist already and are innocuous.. CR can be
handled in a spa environment. Certainly, it's poorly done by inexperienced
people... and the popularizing books don't seem to help.

GH on the very old seems useful... also certain steroids are well worth

...and techniques now exist to insert genes into living whole systems... but
the political fallout from application of this latter technology in humans
could be potentially massive.

(Most current LE techniques do little to stem the cosmetic "decline" seen
in 30 - 50 year olds... these are mostly the effects of maturation and less
of "classical" senescence. I guess the best effort here would be to
forestall the development of atheroma... a drug/dsupplement/lifestyle
combinatation does this very effectively. Great for a spa environment.)

GREG BURCH SAID: "...How do you find the medical doctors and other
professionals and technicians to man such a facility? The problems are
obvious: You want good people, but anyone involved in such a facility risks
loss of professional credentials and becoming a professional pariah..."

CYMM SAYS: Use third World medical professionals. They work for peanuts...
and their communities don't censure them as strongly for eccentric

GEORGE BURCH SAID: "...The choices are basically two: An island with
a legal regime that will tolerate the clinic, or a ship in international

CYMM SAYS: What about Brasil or India? They both delight in thumbing their
noses at G7 countries.

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