Re: Black Helicopters (was RE: More Green Party)

From: James Rogers (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 19:22:55 MDT

On Mon, 03 Jul 2000, Damien Broderick wrote:
> At 02:07 PM 3/07/00 -0700, James Rogers wrote in some detail on:
> >4) ... these guys have a well deserved
> >reputation for being a bit trigger happy, and they always bringing
> >overwhelming force.
> I *can't wait* to move to the USA! I love the smell of freedom in the morning.
> :)

Heh! Okay, for most people it isn't that bad. You generally have to be
vocally non-mainstream in an unpopular manner or a real career criminal
to end up on the Clinton shit-list. The vast majority of the population
doesn't fit this profile, although a non-trivial percentage of people on
this list would probably make it on the list of "people to smack down if
they get uppity". Fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at
it), they are more like the Keystone cops with machine guns; their
incompetence compounded by arrogance makes them a menace, but it also
makes it relatively easy to dodge any legal issues they try and throw at

I think I just know all the wrong people (vocal, active libertarians), so
it makes the occurence seem more frequent than it actually is. During
the second half of last year, probably a half dozen people I know were
"visited" by these goons primarily for the purpose of harassment. Maybe
it was a Y2K thing, though still inappropriate, and other than "losing" a
few items no one is the worse for wear. I expect things to improve when
Clinton is out of office.

I think Mr. Broderick would be quite safe from the Black Helicopters
and their evil minions here. :^)

-James Rogers

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