Re: Improvement( was)Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?

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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 22:12:00 MDT

There was a thread a way back about a breed of software which takes in all
the documents you view, type, whatever, and pops up to let you know when
there is stuff in it's database associated with what you are currently
doing. External Associative Memory rings a bell.

It would be a work of art to have the output of that displayed externally if
you were into permanent wearcomp (or built in hardware I guess); say people
are talking to you, their speech is converted to text, put throught the EAM,
and snippets from associated documents displayed on a screen on a t-shirt,
or cool screen-like skin as displayed below. Could get embarrassing, because
you wouldn't get a chance to filter it's output. But that, most likely,
would be the point after all.


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> Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> >I have been thinking of a very white surface, pure like an unwritten
> >paper, with slashes of bright primary colors at strategic places. But
> >then again, I would probably change my skin as often as I change
> >screensaver when I get a new computer, until settling for something
> >simple and discreet. Hmm, maybe a cellular automaton skin...
> Maybe your skin could run a screen saver. Sell space for
> advertising. Entertain those around you. Become the illustrated man.
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