Re: SOC: Social Contract Education (Was: More Green Party)

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 01:10:56 MDT

Max More wrote:
>As part of my critical thinking class, I cover critical thinking
>about investing and personal finance. I always ask how many of the
>students have covered any of this before. Usually not one person
>raises their hand. They seem to find that particular topic the most
>engaging one of all. I'm always stunned to find that financial
>planning, basic logic, and evolutionary theory, are almost never
>taught in schools, at least based on the many hundreds of students I
>have surveyed.

I have had the same experience. There are certain core subjects that
I think should be taught to everyone, but aren't. What would be a
list of these subjects. I think we could agree on the common
requirements, Reading, Writing, Arithmatic, Science, History.
Literature, etc.

The missing ones would probably include: Human Nutrition, Personal
Finance, Comparative Political Systems, Comparative Economics,
Self-Defense, Scientific Method, Logic, Philosophy, Art....

Anything else?

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