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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@frontiernet.net)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 09:32:43 MDT

There is a lot of truth to this "blood-type diet" which was first proposed
by Dr. Peter D'Adamo in the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type". The Type O is
the meat-eater type; the Type A is the vegetarian type. B and AB are later
derivatives of these. However, Dr. D'Adamo's book is addressed more to
those who are on a lose-weight type diet than to those who, in general,
already maintain a certain amount of good health. Supposedly, if one
adheres to a strict diet according to one's blood type, one can lose weight
faster than otherwise. It is a very interesting book, needless to say,
especially the overall introductory discussion of how/where the various
blood types originated. Roberto

>Subject: Blood Type Diet
>Puca informed us:
>>I've been in touch with Alex Goen the hypnotist, who pried me off cigarettes
>>last Sept. He bases his diet plan on blood types. My type "O" is the oldest
>>hunder type and I'm supposed to eat mostly meat ! No Cabbage or Potatos ; not
>>even Corn or Whole Wheat! It get worse but I've been calling it the
>>"Neandertal Diet" , you have to admit that's pretty close to "Paleolithic
>>Perscription :)
>I've got to say that sounds a bit like a complete load of crap. What diets
>are recommended for the other blood types? What connection does he make
>between antibodies in the blood and dietary needs?

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