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> Does anyone know if Havenco/Sealand is going to establish a bank and
> online stock brokerage?

I don't know, but I think they're going to have to be very, very careful not
to offend existing states. I think their argument that the UK "abandoned
sovereignty" over their platform prior to extension of the Territorial Sea to
12 nautical miles under UNCLOS is mighty thin. I'd feel a lot more
comfortable with their legal status if they were beyond the current
Territorial Sea limit and even more confident of their position if they were
beyond any country's EEZ, since fixed platforms in the EEZ are subject to
coastal state sovereignty under UNCLOS. As Tom has pointed out, there are a
few suitable (even attractive) places that would fit that bill on this
planet. Anyone who is REALLY serious about trying to truly escape the
current regime of national sovereignty needs to be beyond 200 miles. (All of
which is Old Hat to the Old Timers here . . . just a refresher from your
friendly neighborhood maritime lawyer . . .)

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