Re: FWD (IUFO) balls of light

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 05:24:51 MDT

YEs, this is a fascinating area. My aunt, now retired, and a hard-nosed
type, a former senior vice president of a major bank, saw a "ufo" up close
about 30 years ago in San Antonio. It was in her kitchen! It came in through
the window as an orange ball, baseball-sized, and floated above the stove
and then popped.

I have read some interesting theories re this type of UFO when it comes to
ball lightning, plasma and vortices.

Strangely enough I have heard some theories re this type of UFO and the
creation of the crop circles by means of ball lightning.

Also, there are some recurrent UFOs in Northern Norway that have been
attributed in theory to large flocks of flying insects that glow due to some
not yet understood electrical phenomena.

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