Re: Clinton, US citizen responsibility vs Milosevic and Serbians

Michael Wiik (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:08:13 -0400

Brian D Williams wrote:

> In a dictatorship they do not share responsibility, in a
> representational republic, we do. When China demanded those
> responsible for the bombing of their embassy be punished, I was
> hoping that someone would point out that as commander-in-chief
> their lapdog clinton was ultimately responsible.

I don't think the type of government one lives under should matter, but rather, the way that government treats other peoples and countries. If anything, if you live under a brutal dictatorship, you may have even more obligation to oppose it.

I don't think the US government is all that terrible, but it seems to have a tendency to murder a bunch of its citizens every few years.


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