RE: TransAct - optic fiber network throughout Canberra

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:51:14 +1000

Eliezer wrote:
> "Canberra"? As in, Pham Nuwen's medieval home planet?
> Oh, you mean Canberra, Australia.
> For those of you who can't click on the link directly from your email
> browsers, this is about 36 megabit/sec direct, fiber-to-the-curb
> Internet access, without any coaxial "hybrid" systems to slow things
> down. Also, it doesn't degrade when you get more subscribers, unlike
> current cable Internet providers. The way a planetary network *should*
> work, without legacy infrastructure.
> Sounds like a nice place to live, yep.
And I'm planning to leave before it's even implemented.

Silly me.

By the way, anyone want to sponsor a gun delphi client server developer into the UK (preferably London)? I'd be happy with C++, I'm also good with cruddy MS, vb family of products, esp. Access (The VB family reminds me of that weird inbred rural family on a particularly sick episode of the XFiles, where the mother had no arms or legs and lived on a rolling trolley thing under the bed). I've also got a legacy system or two under my belt (dataflex? anyone?), and formal quals. I'm not too bright, but with a bit of care, who knows? I might just be a slow developer (hah hah hah).

Prospective employers must be resigned to the fact that my wife and I will become internationally famous recording stars in the middle of a particularly critical project.

Just short messages of acceptance please, I don't want to overwhelm the mail server.