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O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:48:54 +1000

How about if your government decides that expressing anti-government sentiment is illegal at some time in the near future? How's everyone on this list going to rate?

Just about anything that you say could be illegal tomorrow; I think you're probably better off saying what you believe, in the hope that you might influence public opinion enough that policy comes to reflect your views. Marijuana use might be a good example of this.

Making sure that it can't be proven that you sent the e-mail might also be a good idea.

Emlyn (or is it?)

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> > For some reason, I feel more tuned into gestures when I smoke
> > marijuana. I'd very much like to participate in a controlled study
> > where I get into the mnemonic aspects of gesture state changes,
> > timing, and there unconscious cueing effects.
> You know, regardless of the *current* state of Internet search
> technology used by the government, your employer, and your health
> insurance company, everything you post on the Internet *is* forever. I
> really don't expect it to be all *that* long before somebody can run
> automated searches like "Has my inner geek ever done anything illegal?"
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