WANTED: BVH Motion Capture Files

my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 20:57:31 -0700

Do any extropians out there have BVH motion capture files?

I'm starting to explore the gestural languages of mental states, and am looking for ways to encode body exercises and muscle/tactile forces and motions.

Metacreations just released Poser4. I called their customer service department today; there's a 45 day envelope for a free upgrade from Poser3 (available mail order for $140.95).


I'm not sure if BVH motion capture is precise enough to encode such actions as grinding your teeth (where there is little motion, but lots of muscle force change), or balancing on one heal (again, the position stays the same, but there is a lot of distributed change in force).

I imagine that texture maps could include sensory maps of various tactile forces: heat, electrostatic charge, pressure, pain, whatever. Someone, somewhere, might have a library of encoded expressions, that could be placed into the public domain for free redistribution.

For some reason, I feel more tuned into gestures when I smoke marijuana. I'd very much like to participate in a controlled study where I get into the mnemonic aspects of gesture state changes, timing, and there unconscious cueing effects.