Clinton, US citizen responsibility vs Milosevic and Serbians

Michael Wiik (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 11:57:54 -0400

Spike Jones wrote:

> Hey wait a minute Emlyn! Hes not *my* Mr. Clinton! Neither I nor anyone
> I know personally voted for him. Or none at least will admit it.
> I think the election musta been fixed... {8-[
> {8^D spike

Well, I don't like Clinton much either. My most terrifying visage of Clinton is the scenes (I've seen 2 or 3 of them now) where Mr Bill is sitting at a table, surrounded by somber-faced police officials in full uniform, signing away yet another basic human freedom....

Nonetheless, I wonder what is our collective (oh-oh) responsibility for this guy. When the US was bombing Serbia, they supposedly went to great lengths to avoid civilian casualities. But why? Isn't Milosevic their leader? Don't the Serbian people bear some responsibility for putting this guy in office?

There was a Nightline show where Ted Koppel went to Belgrade and had a little lunchtime chat with some Serbs. They claimed that the US was deliberately targetting civilians. Ted made the point that, if that were the case, there would be hundreds of thousands of dead civilians. It was almost enough to make me think that the US should do at least one B-52 bombing run over Belgrade civilian housing, so they could say, 'See, this is what happens when we deliberately target civilians'. The US didn't seem to have much qualms about bombing Germans and Japanese civilians in WWII.


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