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Anders Sandberg (
26 Jun 1999 11:39:06 +0200

Damien Broderick <> writes:

> At 09:00 AM 25/06/99 -0500, Lord Scott wrote:
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> > Sir Scott
> Bless you, my son. But that was then, in medieval times; this is now, when
> such authoritarianism is revolting to behold, however benign. I wonder if
> they have a slot for a benevolent anarchist?

But in that case, where can I find a court to be court magician at? Ah, of course, these are modern times - Anders the Consultant Magician.

Maybe we should make a similar test for extropians? The different types would correspond to the various kinds of post/trans/mehumans we discuss - jupiter brain, arstoi, Power, upload, greek god, borg collective etc.

The dimensions, beside the obvious personality dimensions would be level of individuality (with borg in one end of the scale and transindividualist at the other), level of desired radical enhancement (mere human to total death forward) and maybe some others.

So an INTP with strong individuality and medium enhancements would be an Aristoi (or something).

Any takers?

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