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>More info?

There have been 3 episodes so far. 13 exist. Whether or not there will be more is a mystery at present.

It is on TNT, Wednesday night, 10 PM where I live. You live in Oz, right? (Praise Kylie Minogue and all her works!) I do not know about TV there.

If you can find it, it looks like next week's episode has some flashback to the Shadow War.

>Without spoiling it please, is the end of season 5 worth going the

Well, in case you do not know this already, JMS intended the show to go for 5 years but it looked like he might have had to wrap it up in 4. The last episode, SLEEPING IN LIGHT was really meant to follow either RISING STAR or THE DECONSTRUCTION OF FALLING STARS at the end of season 4 and was actually shot at that time. Anyway, SLEEPING IN LIGHT depicts terminal events as "prophesied"; so no surprises, but it is a good episode. The very definitively terminal event at the very end made me cry like a woman (except that I was sincere) and it was JMS, himself, in a cameo role that performed it.

Still, a couple of questions are left unanswered.


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