RE: Kingdomality

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:41:48 +1000

> > I came up as the "General".
> >
> > LGMT: General
> > Got a planet where the populace is getting out of hand? Give the General
> > some troops and some disintegration weapons, and things will quiet down
> > fast. The General is all about action and technology, might and right.
> >
> I would be very interested to know how many attempts it took for some or
> all
> of you to get the intelligent, cool sounding titles you were after.......
Actually they are all intelligent (does this include the General) and cool sounding. It's set up like horoscopes, to stroke your ego. No one is going to create a test that comes out as follows:

Your test has been evaluated, and you have been found to most resemble -

The Dispossessed - In space, no one can here you fail

The future is a difficult, shifting terrain, full of traps for the unwary.
As a fully paid-up lifetime member of the unwary, you have fallen foul of
many such traps, and find yourself living a life of bare subsistence,
hitching from crappy space station to crummy satelite, trying to steal
scraps before they end up in the matter recycler. Even the rats push you
around. A true loser, you would be a universally tragic figure, except that
you lack the personal stature to invoke such noble emotion. Perhaps the fact
that you hang on at all is in some way redemptive, but in the end no one
really could really bring themselves to care. Maybe you should consider the
fact that you are breathing other people's oxygen.


Emlyn, an intelligent, cool sounding Seeker, Discoverer, and Obi-wan senior.