Re: Fixing supernovae

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:57:08 -0400

John Clark wrote:

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> It's probably nothing but there has been talk in the astronomical community recently
> about something called a hypernova, it only happens to the very largest stars and is
> 100 to 1000 times as powerful as a supernova. There is also a new theory that
> associates hypernovas with gamma ray bursts. Eta Carinae is a huge star, the largest
> in our galaxy, I read in the June 11 1999 issue of the journal "Science" that in the last
> few months it has been acting up in a very odd fashion that may be the
> precursor to a much larger explosion. I wouldn't want to be closer than 100
> million light years to a gamma ray burst, I don't remember how far away
> Eta Carinae is but I know it's less than that. One good thing (good for me not
> for our friends in OZ), Eta Carinae is only visible in the southern hemisphere.

Considering that our galaxy is only 100,000 light years across, and Andromeda Galaxy is only 2 million light years away, your 100 million LY is a bit of a stretch...


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