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24 Jun 1999 16:42:54 +0200

"O'Regan, Emlyn" <> writes:

> >From the lame:
> What is a Myers-Briggs test (more info than "a personality classification"
> please)? Any online versions which don't involve aliens/dragons/R2D2 (ie:
> more serious)?

It is a personality test where personality is defined along four different axes (extroverted/introverted, intuitive/sensing, feeling/thinking, perceiving/judging), and your personality is coded with four letters depending on which end of each axis you are at. See for an overview of the types. The test itself consists of questions you answer yes or no to, and each shifts the balance along one of the axes a little bit.

Since the families of Meyers and Briggs are currently on a copyright crusade to rid the net of all "their" information, the FAQ ( has been deleted. There are tests out there, but you have to do a websearch for them.

Myself, I regard me as XNTX - the X vary quite a lot over time.

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