RE: An Interesting Poll

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 13:27:58 +0100

> I often have to defend my lifestyle habits in the context of my
> transhumanist ideas. I exercise, watch my diet, wear my seat belt,
> no sunbathing, etc. A few people have asked me why care about my
> cholesterol intake is or whether I get skin cancer when I believe
> that MNT, uploading, etc. may be developed in the near future.
> My response is that while I believe such technologies are virtually
> certain to be developed at some point, I don't know when that will
> be. By maximizing my lifespan, I increase the probability that
> I will be able to benefit from these advance technologies.
Yeah, but your whole life will be a mind-numbing waste of pleasure-potential, and you probably won't reap any tech benefits until you're a drooling senile old coot, if at all. Plus....we're here, we exist, we have "qualia" if you like.....what if the same good fortune comes "your" way again? What if an ancient god-like civilisation resurrects everyone that dies and gives them a chance of continued existence in a kind of heaven scenario? Would you rather be maintained on the verge of death for hundreds of years, moaning on about how things aren't made of wood anymore and pissing down your legs.....? Far-fetched I know, but remember, we have NO information on such things, and it would be foolish to assume that whatever constitutes our individual "vector" in qualia-space (if you like) will never be instantiated again, in the whole of eternity, of our universe and beyond.


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