Re: Some prison statistics/rape

Timothy Bates (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 20:17:02 +1000

kelly wrote
> from my experience working at D.O.V.E., a domestic violence hotline for the
> abuser and abused, the aggressor knows the victim is humiliated- and that
> makes the aggressor temporarily 'stronger' and in control over them.
> (a parallel to this is when someone receives sexually harassing phone
> calls- the more outraged/humiliated the person is on the line, the better for
> the aggressor. )

Some possibilities spring to mind.
Maybe there are (at least) two kinds of rapists: one for whom rape is power and one for whom rape is sexual access.

A testable prediction from socio-biology is that the majority of rapists are in the latter category (evolution could not sustain a high frequency of the former as they require a relatively large pool of trusting victims upon whom to prey).

A second prediction, this time from the rape=power theory, is that rapists of the power type only choose rape because that is the most humiliating/power-gaining thing they can do to someone.

This theory, then, predicts exactly the opposite to the rape=sex theory.

It predicts that the frequency of rape will be proportional to the displeasure experienced by the victim, while rape=sex predicts that rape will be inversely proportional to displeasure/resistance.

I don't know what the answer is. I suspect that this kind of person makes up only about 10% of the prison population and only about 1% of the general population - thankfully.