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Max More (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:13:33 -0700

At 02:17 PM 6/15/99 -0700, "Heywood Floyd" wrote:
>Unless Max's dialog has gone mute, his lack of presence here implies
>lots of private correspondence elsewhere.

Hmm, perhaps you would benefit from a logic course (teaching of which is one of the things that occupies my time, along with other classes). Not only am I not finding time to post here very often, I'm more limited in replying to email in general and have hardly read any books in months.

As Mike and others noted, there will be numerous reasons why previous List participants may be quiet. Some of us are just extremely busy. My work week consists of about 80 hours currently. Some have probably gained what they wanted from the List termporarily or long-term and are occupied elsewhere. Do you really expect all the same people to keep posting consistantly over the seven years of the List's lifetime so far?

Not everyone has the leisure time to post frequently or abundantly. For example, Perry Metzger--who first started this list and was one of the most prolific posters on the entire internet at tha time, is busy these days running a business.

I can only take your "Nextropian" conspiracy silliness as either paranoia or a unhelpful attempt to stir up controversy.

Email list can be quite addictive. I think there are some people here who would probably have better lives if they eased off a bit on posting and focused more on major life goals. Some will have the free time to indulge harmlessly, but others may benefit by revolving less around the list.

Got to go -- I have a conference to organize and classes to prepare. :-)


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